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Top 10 Ways to Bend Rebar

Bending Rebar Corkscrew

No. 10 - Place the rebar behind your neck and pretend you are the HULK.

No. 9 – Put the rebar over a pothole in the road and drive over it.

No. 8 – Bend it over the ball hitch of your truck. That’s what they are made for, right?

No. 7 – Put a worker on each end of the rebar and have them run past a telephone pole.

No. 6 – Find a pinch point on a back hoe, truck box/hoist frame or loader bucket. Insert and bend. Make sure your life insurance in paid up before trying this and throw away any warranty papers you might have on your equipment.

No. 5 – Clamp in your vise and heat with a blow torch. Slip the inspector a 20 to look the other way.

No. 4 – Ask yourself: How would Red Green bend rebar? Get plenty of duct tape and an old Chrysler K-car. You should be able to figure something out. Remember – we’re all in this together.

No. 3 – Pay someone else to bend rebar for you.

No. 2 – One word: JUMP

And the Number 1 way to bend rebar: Buy an electric rebar bender that plugs in and bends rebar fast and safely with the push of a button. You will wonder why you did not get one sooner.

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