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Rebar Benders

These affordable portable rebar benders and rebar bender cutter combination machines will quickly bend rebar at job sites or in your shop.

You no longer have to wait if there are mistakes or shortages with mill fabricated steel.  Bend rebar yourself instead of waiting for the fabricator to deliver.  You can easily form stirrups, L bars, hooks and chairs with accurate and uniform results.  Operation is simple and easy so anyone can quickly learn to make quality pieces ready for placement.  Don’t resort to bending rebar on your knee or truck bumper!  Just plug your Fascut machine into a standard 110-volt outlet or run from a generator.  Now you are bending rebar with the touch of a button or foot pedal.

Fascut offers several models to fit your needs.  For a bender only machine choose the 1” (#8) capacity Model FR-800 Rotary Rebar Bender Only.  Two rebar bender cutter combination models are available.  The ¾” (#6) capacity Model FS-600 Rebar Cutter Bender is our most portable machine weighing only 180 pounds and has handles so two people can pick it up and carry it.  If needed you can easily load it into your pickup truck and take it out to the jobsite.   The larger Model FR-800-C Rotary Rebar Bender Cutter Combo will both bend and cut up to 1” (#8) grade 60 rebar.

Just click on one of the models above for specifications and even a video showing how easy it is to bend and cut rebar with FASCUT.

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