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FS-600 Portable Rebar Bender Cutter

FS-600 Portable Rebar Cutter Bender Combo

SKU: FS600

Both bend and cut up to #6 (3/4" dia.) rebar with this compact portable unit. Our most popular model for Contractors!

Contractors can take this portable rebar bender and cutter combination machine to the jobsite.  At just 180 pounds it can be picked up and carried by two people.  Both cut and bend up to and including 3/4" (#6) grade 60 rebar.  Just plug it into a standard 110-volt outlet or 5000 watt generator.


Set the FS-600 on the ground next to your pile of rebar or up on a bench or table.  The bending angle is adjusted with a simple control knob. Once set the bends will be uniform and accurate.  A push button control on the machine is safe and easy to use.


NOTE:  Pictures show an optional foot pedal control and optional reference fence attachment that can be ordered separately.  Plug in the foot pedal control so both hands are free to guide the rebar.  Add the reference fence attachment for an easy to use adjustable material stop up to 4 feet.


NOTE:  Ships via semi-tractor trailer.  A Commercial shipping address is highly recommended.  See Shipping Page for more details and options.

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