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Solid Bar Bender

A solid bar bender with more flexibility for structural and ornamental job-shops.

Complete complex bending of everything from ¼” to 1” diameter solid steel bars as well as flats up to 2” high.  The Model FRH-850 Solid Bar Bender is very easy to set-up and operate.  A wide variety of bending dies ranging from ½” to 6” in diameter comes with the machine.  Lifting tubes are welded into the frame so it is easy to move around with a forklift and it plugs into standard 110-volts.

An optional programmable angle controller is available that holds up to 6 angles in memory and automatically sequences through them as the shape is being formed.  You can even add an optional cutter head so material can be sheared as well.

Click on the photo above for more specifications.

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