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Rebar Cutters

These affordable portable rebar cutters and rebar cutter bender combination machines will quickly cut rebar at job sites or in your shop.

There is no reason you should have to wait for mill fabricated steel when you come short or there are mistakes or changes.  With Fascut you can easily cut rebar yourself when and where you need it.  Chop saws throw out sparks and dust and are dangerous to use!  Our rebar cutters use reliable hydraulics to quickly and cleanly shear the rebar.  Operation is easy with just the push of a button or foot pedal.  Manual or lever operated cutters are slow and quickly wear out your workers.  All you need is a 110-volt outlet or generator to run a Fascut machine.

Fascut offers several rebar cutters to fit your needs.  To cut up to 1” (#8) grade 60 rebar choose the Model FC-800 Rebar Cutter Only.  If you are looking to bend rebar as well as cut you can choose between two cutter bender combination models.  The Model FS-600 Rebar Cutter Bender will both cut and bend up to ¾” (#6) rebar and weighs only 180 pounds.  Two people can easily load it into your pickup truck so it can be taken to the jobsite.  To cut and bend larger rebar sizes go with the 1” (#8) capacity Model FR-800-C Rotary Rebar Bender Cutter Combo.

Just click on one of the models above for specifications and even a video showing how easy it is to cut and bend rebar with FASCUT.

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