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Use these portable electric rebar benders to quickly fab rebar at your shop or on the job site.  The Model FR-800 Rotary Rebar Bender will bend up to 1" (#8) grade 60 rebar.

Just plug these powerful hydraulic rebar cutters into a standard 110-volt outlet and quickly shear rebar with the push of a button or foot pedal.  The Model FC-800 Rebar Cutter will cut up to 1" (#8) grade 60 rebar.

Rebar Cutter
Rebar Bender Cutter Combo

These rebar cutter benders combines rebar bender and rebar cutter into a compact and powerful rebar tool.  The Model FS-600 Rebar Cutter Bender can be carried by two people and handles up to 3/4" (#6) grade 60 rebar.  The Model FR-800-C Rotary Rebar Bender Cutter handles up to 1" (#8) grade 60 rebar.

Structural and ornamental job shops can use this affordable hydraulic workhorse to bend solid shapes and flats.  The Model FRH-850 Solid Bar Bender comes with a generous supply of tooling and is fast and easy to setup and use.

Solid Bar Bender

About Us

Fascut Industries Inc. is a leader in manufacturing quality rebar cutters and rebar benders since 1979.  We are a family owned U.S. company and proud of it.  Our goal is to build rugged, safe, and easy to operate machinery.

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Rebar Bender Cutter Production

One of our most popular models is the FS-600 Portable Hydraulic Rebar Cutter Bender.  This machine was designed and built from the ground up as a rebar cutter and rebar bender combination machine.  This is a rugged continuous duty rebar tool that plugs into standard 110-volts or can be run from a generator.  It weighs 180 pounds and has handles so two people can pick it up and carry it.  Just put it in your pickup truck and take it to the jobsite if needed.  A simple control knob sets the bending angle.  Once set, all bends will be uniform and accurate.  An optional reference fence attachment gives the operator a physical material stop so cutting or bending dimensions are accurately repeated.  Maintenance is a breeze because there is only one main moving part with only one grease fitting for lubrication.

Our 800 series of rebar cutters and rebar benders will handle up to and including 1” (#8) grade 60 rebar.  If you just need a rebar shear, choose the Model FC-800 Portable Rebar Cutter.  With its 2” high cutting blades you can cut three ½” (#4) bars at once.  Plug it into standard 110-volts or run it from a generator.  Handles make it easy for two people to pick up and carry it.  Fast and clean cuts are made by just pushing a button or foot pedal control.  There is no heat, sparks or dust.  The economical cutting blades can be rotated to four different cutting edges.  When one edge dulls, just flip it over to a new cutting edge.

The Model FR-800 Rotary Rebar Bender comes with a bending die set that conforms to the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute recommendations for bending 3/8” (#3) through 1” (#8) rebar.  The 2” high bending dies allow you to bend three ½” (#4) bars at once.  Two different bend angles can be preset making it easy to fabricate seismic type stirrups.  Up to 190° bends can be made while one end of the rebar remains stationary.

The Model FR-800-C Rebar Cutter Bender is an all in one combination machine.  It just takes the flip of a lever to select either cutting or bending mode.  Continuous duty electric hydraulics powers this rugged and reliable machine.  Fabricate your own rebar for smaller jobs.  Rest easy knowing you can quickly correct mistakes and shortages on mill fabricated steel without having to rely on someone else.

All of our equipment is manufactured and assembled in our factory located in Wisconsin.  All models are in stock, ready for shipping at any time.  Every part and component is in stock, ready for immediate delivery.

When you call us you will be talking with someone who knows and understands this equipment inside and out.  We provide fast and reliable parts and service to keep equipment up and running and making you money.


Rebar Bender Cutter

Kit Suthard, Aggregte Placement Corp.

"We have had one of your FS-600 machines since 1988.  It is of top quality and durable.  We now own 3 of these and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good durable and lasting piece of equipment."

Rebar Bender

Glenn Barnett, Columbia Precast LLC.

"We depend on our Fascut 600 and 800 machines every day.  The simple rugged design and built-in safety features make training new personnel easy.  We're glad machinery that works this well is still MADE IN USA!"

Rebar Cutter

Dave Hanna, Alaska Concrete Casting

"It is a blessing to have our Fascut machine in the shop when we need it.  It is probably the best little machine for the money I have ever purchased."